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Clinique Dentaire Delobel

Our team

We offer personalised service in a modern environment by a team of specialists, dentists, dental technicians and assistants. Our team of professionals is able to coordinate the best course of action for you, from the first consultation through to post treatment maintenance. 
In our different clinics you can find surgeons and dentists specialising in implantology and cosmetic dentistry. In addition to our extensive professional experience, we also have numerous international diplomas (Paris, Bordeaux, Toulouse, Bilbao and New York). 
Dr. Thierry DELOBEL
Doctorate in Dental Surgery (Toulouse 1978)
  • Graduated from the New York University Collage of Dentistry in collaboration with the University of...
Dr. Anne-Marie DELOBEL

Doctor of Dental Surgery

Dr. Mirentxu DELOBEL
Doctor of Dental Surgery (Bordeaux 2004)
Head of the Orthodontics Department
D. Iñaki Pagoaga Hidalgo
Dentist – Collegiate No: 26/00159
Head of the Prosthesis Department
Dentist – Collegiate No: 1213
Head of the Aesthetics Department