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Clinique Dentaire Delobel

Esthetic dentistry


In association with the New York Smile Institute – http://www.nysi.org

Each patient receives the treatment which best suits their needs, from simple whitening to more complex cosmetic procedures.

There has been a huge advancement in the materials used (zirconia ceramics) along with highly developed manufacturing techniques, for example 100% ceramic crowns with no metal caps, and the bonding used for veneers. These guarantee both results and durability over time.


The economic constraints of the manufacturing processes of these cosmetic items have resulted in the simplification of the manufacturing protocol, to the detriment of the final result. This can often be seen in both injected ceramic and computer assisted techniques. This produces a ceramic monochrome effect on the surface.

However, Denobel dental clinics have their own laboratories for the production of veneers and 100% ceramic crowns. Therefore our patients receive items that are customised, for optimal aesthetics and durability, thanks to the adhesion process used.