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Clinique Dentaire Delobel

Oral Surgery and Implantology

Our services are varied and we perform complete dental restoration on a daily basis.
In the same course of treatment we can perform dental extractions, gum management, bone grafts and implant insertion in accordance with prior consultations. 
Dental implants replace missing roots and become completely integrated within the jawbone. This process is known as Osseointegration. 
Sometimes, due to the state of the bone in terms of both quality and quantity, a bone graft may be necessary before an implant can be inserted. If the volume of bone available is not sufficient the bone graft is carried out using bone taken from within the patient’s mouth or using bone substitutes. This leads to better results, less pain and fewer post operative limitations than when a graft from the hip bone is used. 
Depending on the type of bone reconstruction used, the implant can be inserted immediately, or after a short recovery period. 
Greater understanding of growth factors, in particular the role of the platelets, has recently allowed clinical applications in pre-implant surgery and in oral implantology. These applications are already widely seen in cardiac, thoracic and orthopaedic surgeries. 
We are therefore able to reduce healing time, and encourage the regeneration of bone and soft tissues. 
If necessary you will be given a platelet rich concentration to aid healing, which is obtained from a blood sample taken during the surgery. 
We maintain very strict surgical protocol and only use materials that are PC 02 certified, those which conform to European laws.
Surgical treatments can be a source of fear and worry for many patients. Therefore our surgeries are carried out under both local and general anaesthetic.