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Clinique Dentaire Delobel


Contact via the internet

Thank you for visiting out website. If you would like more information, click and fill out the information request form.

Contact by phone

Having received your request, a member of our team will contact you to assess your needs and answer any questions.
Upon your request we will organise an appointment for you.

Preliminary consultation in one of our clinics

Our medical team will asses your needs, determine a diagnosis and draw up a personalised treatment plan. You will then be given a quote for the required treatment, and a trusting, yet professional, relationship between you and the dentist will be established.
In order to do all this, during the preliminary consultation several things will be carried out:
a medical consultation with the relevant specialist
the taking of dental impressions
x-rays or a scan, depending on the treatment being considered
a blood test if necessary
For speed and convenience, the scan and blood test can be done on the same day.
The cost of this consultation depends on the complexity of your treatment, and will be indicated when you phone to make the appointment.
If there are no reasons as to why the treatment should not be performed, then our secretary will give   you the information and documents required in order to make your next appointment.


Before any treatment can begin the relevant documents must be signed, these include:
Informed consent for the performance of the treatment
Agreement of the involved costs
Commitment to attendance of appointments 
Upon your arrival you will be greeted by a member of our team (if necessary they are able to meet you from the airport and organise your transfers during your time in Spain).
An appointment with an appropriate specialist will take place before any treatment is started.
Payments will be taken by our receptionists.
The steps and advice given by our team during the consultations and subsequent appointments should be respected and followed to ensure the proper development and success of the treatment.