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Adult Orthodontic treatment

Are you embarrassed of your teeth? Don’t worry, we have the solution: Orthodontia. People think that this is only for children, however, adults can also benefit from orthodontic treatments.
Most adults have thirty two teeth. Eight incisors (four on the top and four on the bottom), followed on each side by a canine tooth. There are then two premolars and two molars on each side, and finally the third molar, or wisdom tooth, one on each side at the top and the bottom. 
The main aim for the patient of orthodontia is cosmetic improvement, however, there are also functional aspects that are considered, including the ability to bite and chew well. In addition, orthodontic treatment can prevent common dental problems such as tartar and cavities that are a result of insufficient brushing between badly aligned teeth.
These problems are ideally treated when the patient is young and the permanent second set of teeth are still developing. However, adults are increasingly realising that treatment is also possible for them, and that there is a range of different methods which are much more discreet and comfortable than the typical metal braces that are worn by children. 
The first possibility is a series of removable, transparent retainers which fit perfectly over the teeth. These are virtually invisible and are the most discreet option. Unfortunately, they only serve to align and straighten teeth and are not able to correct any upper or lower occlusion. 
Ceramic braces are more discreet and aesthetically pleasing than the metal ones. These are available for a supplement charge of around 300€ per arch (top and/ or bottom). 
Orthodontia is not always enough to align adult teeth, and treatment from other disciplines may also be necessary. Maxillofacial surgery, for example, improves the relative positioning of the upper and lower jaws. Resorting to periodontics may also be required to ensure that the underlying structure and support of the teeth is healthy before any kind of treatment is undertaken.  
The periodontium is the supportive tissue that surrounds the teeth, which includes the Gingiva (gums) and the Alveolar bone. The periodontium can be the target of abnormalities and infection which can lead to the loosening of teeth and subsequent loss. In such cases, orthodontic treatment is not undergone for aesthetic purposes, but for medical reasons in order to prevent periodontal disease.
Smiling is contagious, and if you are not happy with your smile then you have come to the right place, as we have a variety of treatments available for you.